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GW Law Dems to Host 5th Annual National Democratic Law Students Convention

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

On the weekend of March 12th through 14th, the GW Law Democrats host the Fifth Annual National Democratic Law Students Council Convention.  The GW Law Dems are hosting this event with the support of the Catholic Law Democrats.  Friday and Saturday NDLSC events will be held at GW, and Sunday NDLSC events will be held at Catholic Law.

The theme of the NDLSC convention this year is "Maintain the Momentum: Organizing and Issues in the Age of Obama."  The Dems have organized a variety of interesting panels. On Saturday morning of the NDLSC convention, attendees can learn about topics ranging from "Running for Office: How Young Lawyers make the Leap to Public Service" to "Politics & the Internet: Blogging, Journalism and the 24-Second News Cycle."  Saturday evening panels will address hot button topics including, "Campaign Finance After Citizens United," "Immigration Reform: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor. . . Or A Closed Door?," and "Health Care in the Age of Obama."

On Sunday, NDLSC activities at Catholic Law include panels on "Financial Reform in the Wake of the Great Recession," "Terrorism and The Silent War: Keeping America Safe in an Unsafe World," and "Climate Change, Cap & Trade, and the New EPA."

Attendees to the NDLSC convention can expect to hear lively discussions from highly qualified panel presenters.  Included among the panel presenters are GW Law Professor and DC Councilwoman Mary Cheh, GW's Elwood and Eleanor Davis Professor of Law Ira Lupu, Deputy Director of Voter Protection Hannah Fried, New Media Ombudsman Gray Brooks, Former FEC General Counsel Lawrence Noble, GW's Public Interest Dean, and Co-Founder of the Public Citizen Litigation Group Alan Morrison, GW's Department of Health Policy Chair Sara Rosenbaum, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy Peter Swire, and Associate Dean for Environmental Studies LeRoy (Lee) Paddock.

The Dems are providing high quality catering for the event; dinner on Friday evening, a hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday morning. The pre-registration fee for GW students is $20 and registration at the NDLSC convention is $60.  GW law students can pre-register by contacting the president of the GW Dems, Joshua Sear at