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President - Candidate Platforms

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Meet the SBA Candidates for President:

Theresa Bowman


Theresa Bowman

As SBA President, my responsibilities would include directing the SBA Executive Board and working with the administration to enact change.

For the past two years, I have worked in the SBA, serving as a 1L Senator and on the Executive Board as the Vice President of First Year Students.  I have an excellent working relationship with the school administration and the experience to be your next President.

This year, I worked with the law school deans to put together Orientation week for 1Ls.  To help students secure jobs, I created a mentoring and mock interviewing program as well as student panels on outlining.  As a Senator, I compiled student LRW suggestions into a senate report, which has helped guide reforms to the program.

My major objectives include:

-       Creating an alumni career network and continuing to improve Career Services

-       Improving LRW and building facilities

-       Advocating for flexible exam scheduling


Giri Iyengar
Giri Iyengar

As a Senator, I learned a lot about the workings of the SBA and the important role it plays in law school. I think I made a difference to my section in the difficult experience that is 1L and I believe I can have a greater impact as President. I bring a great amount of experience to the role, having had multiple successful careers (ranging from the corporate world to very small businesses and volunteer organizations) and assign significant cause to my ability to negotiate and work closely with all kinds of people. I intend to focus on greater transparency and integration between the students, the faculty and the administration. I want every student to know and feel that they have a voice in shaping their own experience here at GW Law. I hope you will give me the chance to help make that happen.

Rushab Sanghvi
Rushab Sanghvi

I am running for President of the Student Bar Association because I would like to be able to do whatever I can to improve my fellow students' law school experience.   While I have never held a position with the SBA, I believe my past experience running a small business, and my familiarity of the issues that concern students here at GW, will enable me to be an effective President.  Additionally, I plan to continually seek the advice of current and former students, including members of the SBA, in fulfilling my responsibilities as President.  However, I believe what makes me most qualified to run is my devotion to GW Law.  My life has dramatically improved since entering law school due to the kindness of my fellow students.  Because of this GW has become an important part of my life and I genuinely care for the GW community.